Don’t believe the sequester hype |

Don’t believe the sequester hype

Dear Editor:

There seem to be a lot of incorrect information and offensive lies published about the sequestration. This is not a cut in the budget. It is a cut in the increase in spending for 2013.

For example, if your budget in 2012 was $50,000 and you budgeted an additional $5,000 for 2013, you would cut your increase by about 2 percent, or about $1,000. Most economists and your accountant will tell you that an increase does not cause job loss.

So to scare the American people by claiming that the janitors might lose their jobs cleaning the White House or the lines to board an airplane will be four hours long because of cuts to the Transportation Security Administration is offensive and insulting. I’m sure you saw that the TSA got $50 million today for new uniforms.

The latest announcements today are that the White House is closed for tours to the public because of sequestration. Double shame on the administration – tours have been given mostly by volunteers who do not get paid.

We need honest and responsible people to work on a real budget overhaul. How about raising the age for Medicare because the average age of an American is now close to 80, not the 65 when it was introduced. Or what about honest reporting? Americans need to come together for a common cause – our country. Enough of the fear tactics and pitting one side against the other.

Call your congressman and senators – enough is enough. Tell them they should not get paid until they do the right thing – their job. Insist the Senate propose a real budget – something that has not been done for over four years – and stay on a budget.

Could any American play this dangerous game of spending 1,000 times more than we make? Please, get involved. Thanks!

Lorrie B. Winnerman


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