Don’t believe the hype |

Don’t believe the hype

Dear Editor:

Arizonans rightfully feel the federal government has abrogated its responsibility to protect it from border violence. Few people who have witnessed conditions along the border states would disagree.

I’ve read Arizona Senate Bill 1070 numerous times and, for the life of me, can’t find any basis for the civil rights hysteria and the squalling media.

Let’s get the facts straight. Under SB 1070, an Arizona law enforcement officer has no greater authority to stop and ID anyone over their immigration status than his federal counterpart. Lawful contact for an unrelated event must first occur. Neither race nor mere suspicion is legal justification for asking that individual to prove his immigration status, despite federal law requiring the carrying of such proof at all times. SB 1070 carefully mirrors federal immigration law that is already on the books, including civil rights protections, (11-1051, J).

On March 27 Rob Krentz, a third-generation rancher, was shot and killed on his own property northeast of Douglas, Ariz., by an illegal alien. On April 29 a Pima County deputy was gunned down south of Phoenix by drug smugglers armed with AK-47s. Call me old-fashioned but these events used to qualify as a violation of civil rights. SB 1070 isn’t a civil rights issue. It’s an enforcement issue.

This fandango over Arizona’s attempt to protect its own is simply counterfeit propaganda being used by the present administration to conceal an unwillingness to enforce existing federal law. We should insist on a government that has the will to protect our borders. The administration’s failure to do so insults not only Arizonans but all lawful immigrants.

Dave Tomasetti



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