Don’t be so hard-headed |

Don’t be so hard-headed

Dear Editor:

I am getting sick of the helmet snobs. When the weather is warm, I don’t wear a helmet skiing – gasp. The smug, “Grow up” comments. The “What a terrible parent” looks. I am apparently setting a very bad example for the children, and my irresponsibility (to myself) apparently disqualifies me for running for public office to some. “Grow up,” they say. I say grow down.

Look, it is one thing for society to care for those who need help or can’t care for themselves. I am all for that. It is quite another for society to dictate individual choice to “protect me from myself” and tell me what personal risks I am allowed to take. Enough.

Opponents of legalized marijuana fought individual choice tooth and nail, largely to keep pot out of the hands of kids, and the unintended consequence of their actions is that kids of any age may buy pot with a license. How’d that fight to limit individual choice work out?

I personally blame legalization opponents for kids having the right to buy pot. Their obstinate refusal to allow full legalization for adults forced advocates in another direction – the medical angle, and now kids can buy pot.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every single one of us is different, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When we can start to treat one another with respect because of those differences and stop imposing our idea of morality, spiritualism and lifestyle on one another, we will be a lot better off.

Do we really want to make everyone believe, act and live the same? I don’t think so. Stop the nastiness, and celebrate the differences. Respect, no, relish individual choices.

It’s our differences that make society great.

Scott Writer


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