Don’t be reined in |

Don’t be reined in

How eloquently Paul Andersen states in his column of Aug. 11 the words that have spilled the blood and imprisoned the minds of countless millions throughout history, “When citizens fail to govern themselves with wisdom, then it’s up to the government to rein in profligate appetites …”

Loosely translated, this means that when a civilized argument using reason, logic and orderly discourse is not enough to convince someone to embrace the wisdom of your argument, then the force and power of the ruling authority should be used to rein in those not seeing the wisdom of your argument.

How does a ruling authority “rein in” opposition? Well, the Romans used crucifixion to rein in Christ; Stalin used a bullet in the head on those that did not see his wisdom; the Taliban used beheading for those that did not understand their version of the Koran.

What means does Paul Anderson desire to use to “rein in” those that do not accept his wisdom for energy consumption? He does not say in his article, but I assume that it entails the Aspen governing body stepping in and using their power to rain down economic ruin on anyone that does not accept his vision.

For the pragmatist, the means to achieve a goal is never the concern, only that the means achieve the ends. Never assume that when you hear that Americans are using too much energy and therefore must be reined in, that the speaker has America’s best interest at heart. For some, the destruction of America’s best interests is the ends they intend to achieve.

Do not blindly accept the tirades of pseudo-intellectuals like Paul Andersen, or the means they use for their ends will be you!

James A. Gleason

Snowmass Village

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