Don’t be like Vail |

Don’t be like Vail

Dear Editor:

I recently returned from a trip East and had the experience of passing through the Vail Valley. It is an utter and complete tragedy what they have allowed to happen over there. The sheer density and outright obtrusiveness of what they have allowed to happen boggles the mind. It seems that almost everywhere one looks ” right and left, low and high ” the blight of overdevelopment strikes you right between the eyes.

It sickens me to see the beginnings of this same syndrome getting a toehold by El Jebel. My father and his cohorts in the 1960s did not cut down and/or vandalize the billboards in this valley and risk their reputations and/or livelihoods only to see another type of visual rape replace them.

Don’t let the developers and greedheads do the same thing here that they have pulled off in the places from where they have come. If you do, your names shall live in infamy forever. Don’t “Vailificate” the Roaring Fork Valley!

P. B. Billings