Don’t be conned by proposed hydro

Dear Editor:

I’ve heard the pros, and I’ve heard the cons, and I think the Aspen hydro project is a con. Draining more water from an already delicate stream? I’ve watched this river for 20 years now, and I can tell you that if this past summer’s drought is any indication of the future of global warming, there will not be enough water in the creek to power the hydro plant.

Spending more than $10 million to reap only 8 percent of the city’s energy usage? Surely there are cheaper and more efficient ways (like solar, wind and natural gases, which are being extracted in a much cleaner fashion) to cut our carbon footprint.

If I could, I would vote “no” on Aspen hydro. But because I don’t live in the city limits I have no say with what happens in my backyard. Doesn’t make much sense to me. And the Aspen hydro project doesn’t make sense. Why throw good money after bad money?

Vote “no” on 2C.

Gabrielle Taurek