Dont’ be chicken, Basalt |

Dont’ be chicken, Basalt

Dear Editor:

The Basalt Town Council will soon take up the issue of whether to allow poultry within the town limits. Currently the land-use code in Basalt is rather unclear on this subject, only requiring approval from the town safety officer. I would like to urge the town to go ahead and take a step toward sustainability and allow its residents to raise poultry if they wish.

There are numerous examples of successful urban poultry ordinances across the country, so there would be no need for the town to reinvent the wheel when considering this issue. These ordinances address such concerns as noise, smell, containment, predators, and disposal of unfortunate hens.

Keeping chickens within city limits has been and continues to be done elsewhere in more urban environments, so why not in Basalt?

Mary Holley


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