Don’t be a bump on a log – sit in the Trekker Chair |

Don’t be a bump on a log – sit in the Trekker Chair

Janet Urquhart

I’ve been a literal bump on a log for years when it comes to parking my butt in the wilderness. I’ve also employed raw ground and flat rocks, when it comes to backcountry seating arrangements.More recently, I’ve taken some comfort in sitting on my sleeping bag, still stuffed in its sack, and propping my back up against a boulder, if a suitable one is available.

Those days are over. I got a Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair last Christmas, but I only recently had an opportunity to use it on a backpacking expedition. It’s basically a 10.5-ounce nylon sleeve with adjustable straps on each side and some interior metal stays. It retails for $29.95, according to the REI website. A 20-inch-wide Therm-a-Rest inflatable sleeping pad (or a pad of any make, so long as it’s rectangular and 20 inches wide) can be inflated and tucked into the sleeve to form a cushy camp chair.With a full-length pad, one end doubles over in the chair seat so you’re sitting on twice the thickness of the pad. My pad is pretty cushy, thicknesswise, but it’s the three-quarter-length variety, so it wasn’t long enough to double over. Nonetheless, I was more than satisfied with the result.

My backpacking companion had one of those lesser chairs in his possession – a thin pad forming the seat and back of the chair. “Ooh, this is nice!” he cooed as he settled into mine. I was afraid I’d never pry him out of it. As it turned out, he had been reluctant to produce his meager chair, for fear he’d be branded a wuss for hauling it along in the first place. His apprehension was valid. In the old days, I would have harangued him about it. Not anymore.

The Trekker Chair made me one happy camper, and I freely admit it.Janet Urquhart’s e-mail address is

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