Don’t ask, don’t think; trust us |

Don’t ask, don’t think; trust us

Dear Editor:

Message from: The city

To: Our citizens

1) Don’t ask to see any copies of your anonymous ballots – something about them is just too dangerous for the public to handle – we will keep them briefly and destroy all copies for you.

2) Don’t even think about questioning the City Council concerning elections. We will find a way to demonize you or disappear your citizen role on a technicality, without warning, and without discussion. We have two attorneys who advise us secretly. We can and will take you down if we so choose. We can and will meet in secret to discuss these matters.

3) For those of you on citizen boards who are naive enough to communicate by e-mail instead of phone, someone will get your e-mails and embarrass you and we might even help someone to do so. Please be kind to us paid elected officials about CORA infractions, but don’t expect the same treatment if you are a citizen.

4) Trust us (we who are elected) to be sure your election is just fine. We set the rules.

(We, the City Council, appoint the citizen boards, in this case the Election Commission. We can also render it meaningless, and just have. The city’s chief election official, our employee, is the chair. Independent citizen oversight is tiring us now and a waste of our valuable time and something which might have been a good idea once or twice in the bad old days when people used guns as well as money to get elected.)

Harvie Branscomb

El Jebel

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