Donna was an inspiration |

Donna was an inspiration

Dear Editor:In response to “Not good-bye to Donna Robinson” (Aspen Times, Sept. 27), I personally would like to thank Su Lum for the beautiful article she wrote about my sister, Donna Robinson. I shared the article with all her friends and family on the East Coast. I never got to speak at Donna’s two beautiful memorials because it was too emotional. I would love to put in writing what I wanted to say.Not only was Donna a wonderful mother, wife, friend and sister but she was an inspiration to all who she ever met.Her artwork, poems, and her just being Donna will be with all of us forever, and we will miss her so much. She touched so many people, who didn’t even know her, by all they have read about her life.Beautiful Finn will carry on her legacy, and we all will always let him know what a wonderful mother Donna was.Our whole lives, every time we left from a visit with Donna or hung up the phone after a conversation with her, all our family would say to her “I love.”Donna, I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!Dorinda Dowling RickardCharlotte, N.C.

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