Done with Alpine Bank |

Done with Alpine Bank

Dear Editor:I recently went into Alpine Bank in Glenwood to cash $8,700 in Alpine money orders from the closing on my newly purchased home.I have two loans with Alpine, both current and never late. As I waited for them to cash their money orders they made some calls and told me they would have to take out $1,100 dollars because I was delinquent on a $30 payment. I told them I was not late, there was a mistake on their part and politely asked them to either cash them or give them back. They refused to give them back. I was in shock that they would hold my almost $9,000 hostage over a $30 payment that I was not even late in making.A month prior I had set up a new payment schedule with their Rifle loan department, had already made two payments since, and one of those over three times the payment amount: $100. I actually thought they were going to keep my hard-earned money over this.Needless to say I became emotional until 15 minutes later they finally gave my money orders back. I have never seen anything like that before and plan to take them to court over that. Turns out the loan department called my house and apologized about the mix-up, but that does not make up for the 15 minutes of my heart rate going through the roof. I will pay off my other loan with them and be done with Alpine forever. Todd WagnerNew Castle