Donation or bribe? |

Donation or bribe?

Dear Editor:They say nothing is truly free in this world. New construction in Aspen must mitigate its impacts on our town. This includes providing housing for the people that will be employed after a building is built, providing parking for vehicles accessing a new building and providing open space to balance out a town of concrete and mortar. Referendum 2A asks voters to repeal a decision by City Council to exempt a developer from the mitigation listed above. The city argues that the developer is donating 13 percent of a building outright to benefit the ACRA and this donation outweighs the long-standing mitigation requirements of our land-use code. There is a fine line between a “donation” and a “bribe.” Tell the city that you think they should enforce their own rules and not be bought off by “donations.” Vote yes on 2A to repeal the visitor center COWOP zoning.Walter MaddenAspen

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