Doing what it takes |

Doing what it takes

Dear Editor:

When we read that Bennett Bramson didn’t hesitate on turning around to aid our dearest Jose Carlos Ulloa that Thursday morning, our hearts overflowed in gratitude, because he showed exactly what mercy means: not just feel compassion for who is suffering, but to do anything it takes to help (“Help your neighbor,” letters, Feb. 13, 2012, The Aspen Times).

Jose Carlos well deserved this act of generosity, even if he wasn’t aware of it, because he was already asleep, resting on death; his family and hundreds of friends are very touched and thankful.

Memories are God’s way of allowing us to hold on, while waiting for the time when Jose Carlos awakens in the resurrection.

Norma Paniagua, Ulloa family and friends

Carbondale and Glenwood Springs


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