Doing everything we can |

Doing everything we can

Dear Editor:I am heartbroken to hear that the bear that has been terrorizing East Aspen has been euthanized (“DOW kills bear that broke into house,” Aug. 2).I live on Northway Drive and have had my home broken into, as have several of my neighbors, by probably this very bear. It is too sad that his last break-in resulted in his death. I think I speak for many neighbors when I say that we live in Aspen, for a variety of reasons … not the least of which is our access to the wilderness. None of us wanted to see an animal killed. We have, however, taken the bear experience to heart and are actively involved in trying to prevent such occurrences. I personally take umbrage with the assumption that we are too lazy, unconcerned and unwilling to keep the bears at bay. We all work diligently to protect our homes, AND the bears that are drawn to them.We are so very sorry an animal has lost his life, but please give us credit for doing everything humanly possible to keep it from happening.Jacqueline Ruger HuttonAspen