Dogs gone wild |

Dogs gone wild

Dear Editor:

What is the park department thinking on unleashing the dogs on to the taxpaying public? This is a total overstepping of authority. It deserves a formal vote. And, even so, with a formal vote, I don’t believe it should be enacted. If you had a formal vote whether or not people would like to drive 50 miles per hour through town, sure, it would probably pass, but would it be a responsible law?

At the present time, and with many complaints, the dogs that are unlawfully unleashed on Smuggler tend to run up and down the slopes above the road, throwing rocks down upon the walkers and bikers, and dislodging the sensitive stability of the hillsides. How many times do I see a mountain biker endangered by a dog running unleashed? How many times and how many people have been jumped up upon by an unleashed dog, only to be told, “Oh, he’s just being friendly”? And this extends to the harm done by unleashed dogs to legally leashed dogs as well. No, it’s not the dogs that are the problem, it’s the totally disrespectful owners who are letting them run at large.

There is no need for an “experiment.” Just research all the illegal experimenting that is presently being done by the scofflaw owners of the unleashed dogs, and you’ll see the irresponsibility of taking such action.

If this new “experiment” goes into place, some young and hungry attorney should pick up the ball and set himself up to handle all the cases of torn clothes, scratches and other wounds suffered because of the “oh, he’s so friendly” dogs, in addition to bites and other physical harm suffered by humans as well as other leashed dogs by the unleashed dogs, pile on the pain and suffering, and then file the suits in an assembly line against the owners and the city. Isn’t it time the city starts to be answerable for its totally irresponsible actions?

A copy of this letter is also being e-mailed to the city of Aspen, City Council and the Pitkin County commissioners.

Jil Shaw