Dogs don’t love a summer parade |

Dogs don’t love a summer parade

Here’s just a friendly reminder to all you dog owners regarding the Fourth of July: remember, the tradition of marching golden retrievers (and other breeds) in the parade, started by Sam Caudill, was for the Wintersköl Parade. The weather in January poses no danger to dogs, and has always been a fun tradition.

Independence Day, however, is a different story, and there has never been an organized dog march in that parade. It is cruel and harmful to force your dogs to burn their pads on the hot pavement, and walk under the hot mid-day sun, with no shade or water, for over an hour.

And, so far this summer is one of the hottest on record. Also, the noise, especially from the motorcycles, can be overwhelming and frightening for dogs.

Please consider the welfare of your four-legged friends, and either leave them home on the Fourth, or watch the parade with them in the shade. And bring them all out in January at the Wintersköl parade.

Thank you.

Polly Ross

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