Dogs days of summer |

Dogs days of summer

Dear Editor:

My name is Max, and I am a dog.

I have lived in Aspen for 13 years now and have been employed as the head of security at Terry Butler’s (my mom’s) hotel – The Residence on Galena Street.

I have been going to the Aspen Saturday Farmer’s Market since I was a year old. I never wanted to go to the market, because the asphalt gets soooo hot on my paws that it really hurts.

Kathy Strickland, the market manager, said recently at the Commercial Core and Lodging Commission meeting (CCLC runs the market) that they took the temperature reading last Saturday at the market floor, and it read 114 degrees. That’s really hot on a little dog’s paws.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this letter is to say the Saturday Market now has two doggie swimming pools … one at each corner. When I saw it, I jumped right in and sat down for half an hour. The water was cool, and for the first time I loved being at the market. Yeah!

Kathy tells me the pools will be there from now on …

So, remember to carry your little dogs because it’s too hot for their paws … and please let them play in the doggie swimming pools … so their little paws won’t get too blistered and hot. See you at the market. I am really looking forward to Saturday.

Hasta La Vista,

Max the dog (aka Hot Paws) via Terry Butler


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