Dog needs a home |

Dog needs a home

Dear Editor:

We were saddened to learn of the recent death of former Aspen resident and superstar volunteer Sharon Briggs. We were equally saddened to learn that Sharon was not survived by anyone, save for her loyal dog, Max, who was placed in Glenwood Springs’ CARE shelter.

Sharon, despite suffering from many disabilities, was a dedicated, long-time volunteer for the Aspen Writers’ Foundation. She often spent five hours a day or more in our offices helping with mailings and programs ” anything that required a patient and willing hand. All she asked in return was to join us for an occasional author reading and talk, and to make sure that the hours she donated were officially logged into our volunteer tracking system. She was proud of her contributions and we were, and continue to be, thankful for her time and support.

Sharon rarely showed up to volunteer here at the Red Brick without Max. There is no doubt that Max is, to say the least, stressed by the loss of Sharon and confused by the transition from full-time loving companion to shelter dog, even though our valley’s shelters offer quality care that cannot be matched.

The kind staff at CARE, working with the inimitable Seth Sachson, have agreed to allow Max to be moved to the Aspen-Pitkin County Animal Shelter, where he will be a bit closer to the home he shared with Sharon for several years. Max is an affectionate mixed breed who is highly sociable and interacts well with other dogs. (He played very well with the dogs here at the Red Brick ” if we could take him in, we would do it in a heartbeat.)

If you are looking for a sweet and loving companion, we urge you to call the Aspen-Pitkin County Animal Shelter at 544-0206 and take Max for a walk or, even better, take him home with you. It is the best gift this community could offer to a person who required so little and gave so much.

Lisa Consiglio

Aspen Writers’ Foundation