Dog-loving town? |

Dog-loving town?

Dear Editor: I’m really pleased someone finally spoke out in defense of the dogs of Krabloonik (Larry Mendolia, Aspen Daily News letter, March 16).I have seen these pathetic living conditions first hand a few times and somehow I am reminded of a Third World sweat shop. The only time most people see these animals is on the cover of some glorified, glossy ski brochette dashing through three feet of powder pulling a wealthy couple, donned in fur coats, on a sled. How about the other seven months and the better part of the five winter months when they are tied up on short chains in the middle of nowhere in a space about the size of a ping-pong table with very little, if any, shelter? There is no way there could be enough humans available to give these wonderful creatures the love, exercise and attention they need and deserve year-round.No one under any circumstances should have that many dogs; it’s just not fair. It’s not unlike the little old lady that appears once or twice a year in the news with 200 cats in her trailer.If you need this many dogs to make a living, find another way. Circus animals live a more dignified life.Like Mr. Mendolia says in his letter, “Aspen is too much of a dog-loving town to let something like this go on.”Don DixonAspen

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