Does this really help the planet? |

Does this really help the planet?

Dear Editor:(Re: The Live Earth event at the Silver City Ice Rink, sent to Canary Initiative folks and City of Aspen folks and, what the heck, Dear fractional residences at Hyatt Grand Aspen folks too … )Just curious – How much diesel did the truck for the satellite uplink and the truck that hauled the Jumbotron use to get to Aspen? And how much diesel did the generator for the satellite truck use during the duration of the event? Also, how much greenhouse gas did those put into the air, just for this event? Did the security people that were hanging around use alternative methods of transportation to get to work that day? Wouldn’t it have been more green or more earth-friendly to NOT put on this event, or was there a better/less energy-intensive way to do it? I wonder how much greenhouse gas was released into the atmosphere directly BECAUSE of the Live Earth event world wide? It seems like maybe we spent a dollar to save a dime.I rode my mountain bike 17 miles uphill to get to work on the day of the Live Earth event. I had to leave my house before it was light outside to do so. It was a glorious ride. I got to see the sun come up over the mountains, hear the birds waking up and see some wildlife along the way, and it was alive wildlife rather than roadkill. I got a good bit of exercise. Including the bike ride home, I saved a mere one gallon of gasoline from being burned since my car gets 35 miles to the gallon. Was my saved gallon spent by the Jumbotron setup? (Irrelevant to this letter is how demoralizing it can be to see five or 10 greenhouse-gas-spewing private jets fly overhead while I’m doing my part, riding my bike home, saving my gallon of gas for the day. Good thing I have several other good reasons for riding.)This event reminded me of a quote by Perry Ferrell in the newspaper, possibly during the X Games festivities, saying something like, “party for the planet.” I wanted to say, “Hey Perry, I love your music, but how about, DON’T party for the planet? The planet does not need our worldwide concert events or electric guitars or stadium concerts. The foxes and bears and mountain lions and coyotes and deer and elk and birds and other wildlife that live around Aspen don’t need us to light up Wagner Park and attract thousands of people here to see you play at incredible decibel levels.”Anyway, thanks for trying to raise awareness for the planet and get people to think about global warming, but PLEASE let’s think about how much good we are really doing with huge events. Canary Initiative people, PLEASE walk your talk. Being aware doesn’t do any good unless we all take ACTION to reduce our own impact.Thanks for reading,A nutty, tree-hugging, citizen whose dearest wish is abundant clean water, fresh air and safe, healthy, sustainable communities for all the world’s inhabitants.Dawn DexterSnowmass


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