Does oil justify the mayhem? |

Does oil justify the mayhem?

Dear Editor:During the conversation with Alan Greenspan at the Aspen Ideas Festival, he stated that he supported the overthrow of Saddam, not because of WMDs, but because of the possibility that Saddam might cut off shipments of oil from the Gulf and this would be devastating to the U.S. economy.As several people clapped, I wondered how they could justify the killing of thousands of Iraqi civilians/children and making life miserable for Iraqis to keep oil flowing. I just returned from two weeks in Jordan and Syria, where I heard heartbreaking stories from Iraqis who fled their homes and country to save their lives. There were stories of killings for no apparent reason, targeted killings of teachers and doctors, killing of a 5-year-old boy for wearing shorts in 120 degrees F, abductions for ransom (in some cases, people have to sell their homes to get the family members back), two hours of electricity a day, no water, the rise of intolerant fundamentalism (causing Christian Iraqis to flee to Syria), etc.A women who came from Baghdad the day before I spoke to her said things are getting worse everyday. A Friday NPR report stated that the Baghdad morgue had 1,600 bodies this June versus about 800 last June. U.S. sources are acknowledging that 350 Iraqi civilians were killed at checkpoints last year. All of the Iraqis I spoke with said there was neither terrorists and nor an insurgency before the U.S.-led invasion; and once the U.S. leaves the insurgency will loose its legitimacy and they will defeat it. They see the current government as puppets of the U.S. Oh, we cannot leave until we privatize all of Iraq’s important industries and set up lucrative profit-sharing agreements that will give massive rates of returns (42 to 162 percent) to foreign oil companies.Cathleen KraheCarbondale

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