Does Bush have a manhood problem? |

Does Bush have a manhood problem?

Our President Bush’s strident efforts to persuade the American people and our allies that a war with Iraq is the best course of action is strikingly similar to the public relations management, public opinion manipulation, crisis generation and war promotion propaganda campaign that Lyndon Baines Johnson and his butt-boy Robert Strange McNamara conducted when they started the war in Vietnam.

Johnson and McNamara started the war in Vietnam in order to validate Johnson’s manhood, to enhance his personal prestige, to manufacture his presidential legacy, to advance the Democratic Party’s political fortunes, and to get Johnson elected The President For Real on Nov. 3, 1964.

Is our President Bush having problems with his manhood? Will we manufacture his presidential legacy with the dead bodies of American soldiers? Must we advance the Republican Party’s political fortunes with the blood of American soldiers? Is it necessary to have a war in order to get George Bush re-elected in 2004?

After the war is over, America can spit on our surviving soldiers at the airports as they return from the war. The conditional patriots of the news and entertainment industry will be able to make a bunch of money with books and movies about how fucked-up our Iraq war veterans are.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Hugh A. Roberts

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