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Do your job

Dear Editor:I just read the city of Carmel, Calif., enacted a new ordinance: No more art galleries. Thank God there are some citizens out there who are being proactive in trying to preserve some semblance of a living community.Here, when we lose a drugstore or a great restaurant, and a new real estate office opens on the ground floor, there is a great hue and cry and nothing happens.Let’s look at a what if: What if Carl Bergman decided to move to Seattle and become a steamboat captain and sold the Miners Building and Carl’s Pharmacy. And let me throw in the Butcher’s Block (which isn’t his) and Explore Booksellers. Now close your eyes and imagine trying to live here. It makes it tough, doesn’t it?Now what if somebody from City Council was doing their job in a proactive way and had gone to Carl and said, “Carl, if you should ever become a steamboat captain, do we keep these businesses here?”How about TDRs? How about tax breaks, how about historical benefits, how about a new steam calliope? We all know Carl loves Aspen, and I’m sure something could be worked out that would enable us to live here in a viable community.Council’s legacy now is starting to look like Highlands, and we all know how that works.Please start doing your job before it is too late.Leslie HolstAspen

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