Do you know who I am? |

Do you know who I am?

Dear Editor:

The other day, I had a chance to witness the arrogance of a customer toward employees at Catherine Store just off Highway 82 in Carbondale. I found it necessary to sit down at my computer to vent the uncomfortable feeling and bad taste left in my mouth for several hours after the incident.

One of the employees went outside to indicate to the two men on motorcycles that their payment had not registered on the cash register, and could they please come inside and pay? The man on the “biggest and badest” red cycle came storming in after insulting the young lady with “no comprende.” The owner naturally interceded on her behalf. The customer continued to rant with insults and outrageous rudeness in front of other customers. It was very embarrassing for everyone to have to experience. Embarrassing because every one was uncomfortable. I found it so because I’ve been brought up never to treat people with such disregard.

I’ve seen this happen in this valley more often than I’d like to admit. … Just because “you are who you are” does not give you the right to be so obnoxious. Think the next time you open your mouth. Rudeness and hostility are harbingers of war.

Sandie Gardner