Do the right thing, Obama |

Do the right thing, Obama

Dear Editor:

President Obama, I just watched your video outlining why you think compromise is the right thing to do. I understand your point about not hurting the American people – collateral damage – to make a political point. However, I question the accuracy of your position. I question whether compromise now will really serve us in the long run.

Case in point: When fighting for health care, we compromised by giving up the public option so the rest of the health care bill would pass. The new system mandates that everyone must purchase private health insurance and provides no public system to compete with private insurance rates.

Let me tell you what that compromise means for my family right now, Mr. President: My husband, 37, with no known health issues, got a letter in the mail today saying that his rates are going up by 55.28 percent as of the first of the new year. That’s not a typo; 55.28 percent! I don’t have to tell you that that’s out of control. Those numbers speak for themselves.

How are we supposed to manage that tremendous increase in costs when wages have been frozen at my place of employment for three years? For all its merit, your bipartisan approach is not working. Once again you have been duped by Republicans’ combination of temper tantrums and rationalizations. You can’t play nice with representatives who would choose to have millions of people lose their homes so thousands of people can own second and third homes.

We have already seen the results of tax cuts for the wealthy: debt, and lots of it, but not jobs. The Republicans claim that they will work tirelessly to gain control of our deficit. Then they add $700 billion to it in the very same breath. That is blatant hypocrisy! Their position has no moral or logical integrity! How can you tolerate it?

I thought you were a man of more decency, intelligence and strength. That’s why I fought to elect you. Now I need you to fight for the middle class. Fight to build and sustain infrastructure. We need you to stand up and fight with all of the power at your disposal.

Maureen Hinkle

Glenwood Springs

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