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Do the right thing

Dear Editor:This letter is in response to The Aspen Times article titled “Employee-housing owner defends buying other homes in valley” (June 2).This is a perfect example of a person that gives employee housing a bad name and creates divisiveness in the community. The city of Aspen does not need to subsidize housing for a retired attorney who owns property in Aspen. Just because you lived in Aspen for 30 years, the town does not owe you housing.Congratulations to the housing office for pressing this matter. How can Mr. Allen morally fight the issue when per the Burlingame advocates there are many employees that cannot find housing, much less own property in Aspen? The subsidized housing is called “employee housing” not “retired attorney with other Aspen properties housing” for a reason.Come on Mr. Allen, do the right thing. You are part of the small percentage that gives the rest of employee housing a bad name.I would like to see the advocates of employee housing condemning these abuses as fervently as they fought for Burlingame. This is the other side of employee housing. It is not just building more and more employee housing because employee’s say they need it. It is just as important to police and enforce the current employee housing regulations. Let’s not house all 30-year Aspen locals and/or retired attorneys that own other property in Aspen and proceed to bulldoze more land in the name of employee housing.Rob GileAspen


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