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Do the right thing

Dear Editor:If anyone was a witness to the accident that occurred on Monday, Feb. 21, (President’s Day), when an airborne snowboarder hit and injured a skier on Lower Green Cabin, just above Sheer Bliss lift, at 3 p.m., please call us. The snowboarder was wearing black pants, an off-white or beige jacket, light-colored helmet and goggles, and fell after hitting the skier. As soon as he saw the skier eventually get up, he left the scene, ignoring shouts of bystanders to stop. The skier was injured, and is in AVH with surgery resulting from the accident. If you know who this might be (he seemed to be skiing with a group of boarders that passed by at the time of the collision), or you ARE the person, please do the right thing and call us. If you or your parents have homeowner’s insurance, please help us out and call (970) 925-5490 or (970) 925-6295. Thank you.Marilyn FossAspen

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