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Do the math

Dear Editor:One often hears that our children are not making the grade in mathematics. Apparently the reporters (notably Janet Urquhart) and the editorial staff of The Aspen Times are also mathematically challenged. The bold headline on Tuesday’s Aspen Times read “It’s official: Traffic in Aspen is up.” The story that followed then presented the numbers.For the first eight months of 2005, traffic counts were ahead of 1993 in four months and behind 1993 in the other four months. The overall count for 2005 was one-half percent higher than 1993, well within the expected error of measurement. The obvious conclusion is that traffic so far in 2005 was at the same level as traffic in 1993. The headline should have read, “Traffic the same as 1993.”Measurement of traffic density around the country indicates that most communities have experienced a gradual increase in traffic over the past 12 years. It is remarkable that Aspen is an exception to the general trend. The big story is that traffic has not increased.Peter FreyBasalt

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