Do research before getting vaccinated |

Do research before getting vaccinated

Dear Editor:

Vaccines: Every day there has been an article concerning flu vaccines. What about the controversy over these vaccines. A Study by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, led by Danuta Skowronski, suggests people under 50 are twice as likely to contract H1N1 if immunized to seasonal flu, compared to those who don’t get immunized.

Efficiency of vaccines: The guidelines set up by the FDA state a vaccine will be accepted if it creates antibodies in 40 percent of recipients, with at least 70 percent of those four achieving an antibody level believed to provide benefit. This means that an acceptable vaccine candidate would provide “protection” for 28 percent of vaccine recipients (70 percent of the 40 percent), or less than three in 10 recipients. The requirement drops to 18 percent efficacy for those over 65 years of age.

Folks should be aware that all multi-dose vials of flu vaccines do contain mercury. There are single doses available without mercury. According to the CDC “the maximum total exposure during the first six months of life will now be less than three micrograms of mercury.” The Public Health Agency of Canada wonders how safe thimerosal is for adults.

What about aluminum, shown to cause Alzheimer’s, it’s in your vaccines. One of many – 250 mcg in the Hep B vaccine – now one of many being given right after birth.

The nasal spray vaccine does not contain thimerosal but does contain live virus. FluMist states In 2004/05 their flu study for the “matched flu strain” showed with study group of 3,916 persons and control group of same size 1.4 percent caught the flu after vaccination versus 2.4 percent of control group. In the study of preschoolers, “probability of acquiring a transmitted vaccine virus was estimated to be 2.4 percent.” Notice the odds of getting the flu from someone vaccined with the live virus equals the placebo group! Although they follow this information with, “The duration of FluMist vaccine virus replication and shedding have not been established,” and reading further, “Vaccination with a Live Virus Vaccine – recipients should be informed that FluMist is an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to immunocompromised household contacts.” Another site states, “The nasal mist vaccine may cause viral shedding in the mother. This shedding could infect the infant while breast-feeding.”

Warnings for those of you with preexisting conditions, “Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, or other illness involving lungs or bronchial tubes – Use of influenza vaccine (nasal mist or “shot”) may make the condition worse. Do not administer Fluzone vaccine to anyone with a known severe hypersensitivity to egg proteins.”

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists states with regard to Tamiflu “some people who have taken oseltamivir (Tamiflu) to treat the flu became confused, behaved strangely, had anxiety, nightmares, hallucinations, and harmed themselves, in some cases causing death.”

During innoculations for swine flu of 1976 of 40 million Americans who received the vaccine, 4,000 developed Guillain Barre syndrome. This information and more is available. Don’t follow the herd. Do your research.

Barb Forrest

El Jebel

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