Do like the Europeans do |

Do like the Europeans do

I stopped by to see and ski in Aspen on my way back from the Salt Lake City Olympics. You have a delightful and vibrant town, in a magnificent mountain setting.

But, a curiosity: it snowed several times during my stay. The next morning, machines cleaned the streets of snow, all the way down to the pavement.

In doing so, not only was the beautiful snow replaced by black asphalt, but an extremely slick and hazardous ice cover was created instead.

Why would you do this? You have a wonderful and famous ski resort. Let it look like one, like we do in Europe!

Leave a white carpet, courtesy of nature’s bounty. This is the way a ski resort should look. We city people come to resorts like yours to get away from asphalt pavement and other ills of city life.

Werner Abbt

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Munich, Germany

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