Do it for the children

Dear Editor:

Hi there, Roaring Fork Valley! I want to pop into your day to share a bit of urgent news. (Full disclosure: I am utterly, completely and 100 percent biased in this message because it concerns the inspiring community where I have taught and grown for the past 10 years.)

The Aspen Community School has entered its final push to raise enough money to match the Building Excellent Schools Today grant from the state of Colorado. It only has until May 1! This is an all-or-nothing sort of deal. If the goal is reached, then this money will finally open the doors (pun intended) to an improved campus with more room for students to learn and explore. This money will ensure that my classroom roof no longer will leak water onto my computer or flake down upon my students’ heads. This money will ensure that there are functioning toilets so our principal doesn’t have to spend his day plunging and mopping.

The best part about all of this is that you, yes, you, can be a part of this community’s journey. Check out the crowd-funding campaign at to join me (and some other happy and like-minded folks) in giving a little to gain a lot. It’s quick. It’s painless. It’s tax-deductible! C’mon people. It’s for the kids.

Kristina Weller

Woody Creek


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