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Do business as a community

I live in Missouri Heights and go to Carbondale every day. My address is in Carbondale. But I can’t vote on the proposed box-store issue, because I don’t live in town. This is a problem, one that requires remedy.But to call this 1950’s box store proposal a “marketplace” is misleading. I grew up in Florida where strip malls ruined the landscape. They didn’t produce revenue either . I don’t want to see that happen here.Let’s define Marketplace. I see mom & pop shops. I see a Latino cultural center. An after-school teen center. A river park. Let’s define why our community is growing. What values are front and center? Who lives here? What can we offer?Can we create incentives for relocating hi-tech companies here? This is the source of a real tax base. Can we create an attraction, like the ski mountains, or like the Glenwood pool? I think we can and must.So, let’s be at the forefront. I see a Sustainable Technology Training Center, demonstrating the best corporate and consumer choices. Conferences would bring revenue. A plan exists which came out of a town seminar last summer.I see a Marketplace – yes, I’m not against development – but one built with renewable technologies, with the world-class architects here, demonstrating in our own town the values we came here to live.The real question is: “How can we maximize this Highway 133 space?” Look at Basalt. They are developing a park on the river. We will be separated from the Crystal River if this parking lot and store is put up. What about looking at the riverfront behind the CRMS school as a community resource? What about doing business as a community? Jolie RamoCarbondale

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