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Déjà vu, part II

Dear Editor:Bush/Cheney stole the election in 2000 in Florida. Bush/Cheney got their war. Bush stole the election in 2004 in Ohio. Then “we” bombed civilian areas in Iraq with white phosphorus and napalm a few days after the election.The media told us about Katharine Harris in 2000 – but the Supreme Court covered the tracks with a wrong decision instead of recounting the votes in Florida. Now, according to Mother Jones magazine, we find out that: “the official in charge of Ohio’s voting rules and tabulation, Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell (now a candidate for Ohio’s governorship), was also co-chair of the Bush/Cheney campaign in Ohio. And he acted like it, even going so far as to bar international observers from polling places, a move that would discredit any Third World election.”Blackwell’s two most potent acts of disenfranchisement, skeptics say, were the purging of 133,000 mostly Democratic voters from the rolls and the non-counting of 92,000 ballots rejected by voting machines as unreadable.”One Ohio county cited a nonexistent terrorist warning to justify counting votes in secret. Another added 13,000 votes to its tally after all precincts had reported while claiming that 98.55 percent of the electorate in one precinct had voted, a ‘Saddam Hussein-like turnout,’ hooted Vanity Fair columnist Christopher Hitchens.” (Excerpt from “Recounting Ohio” by Mark Hertsgaard, Mother Jones, Nov. 2005.)Fifteen percent of Ohio’s ballots were cast on electronic machines provided or programmed by companies with ties to the Republican Party. Bush “won” by 118,775 votes (out of 5.6 million cast).Sven Erik AlstromAspen and Lawrence, Kan.

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