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Divide and conquer

Dear Editor:

It all started with Martin Van Buren, the father of the Democratic Party. Before he became our eighth president he set up the most disciplined and focused political party in U.S. history.

When you look back to the 1820s and realize what he had to do to set up this amazingly competent machine, you must marvel. The results varied of course, but the principles still remain today, some 190 years later.

He demanded absolute loyalty, he learned to employ newspapers as no other political figure had, linking journalism’s success to the fortunes of the party. Above all, Van Buren perceived the necessity of discipline and organization which he viewed as beneficial to (and for control of) the masses he sought to organize.

The New Yorker wanted conflict and he wanted the conflict hot, as a means to exclude his opposition from power once he won an election. He relished confrontation. Sounding familiar yet?

Intuitively Van Buren recognized that the immorality of slavery and of the South’s intransigent on it would lead to succession and possible war. His family had four slaves. There is a real irony in the fact that the first black president is the head of the party that fought for slavery during the Civil War.

His solution was to somehow prevent the issue of slavery from even being discussed in the political context, an objective he sought to obtain through the creation of a new political party dedicated to no other principle than holding power.

Fast forward to today, very little has changed. It doesn’t matter if the Democrats are destroying the economy, the machine is in place. Discipline and loyalty are complete. The objective is clear, win at all cost. Keep the power! Scorch the Earth! Hire private investigators, destroy your opponent if possible! Destroy capitalism! Promote socialism!

Their problem is obvious: They didn’t do what they promised. Bill Clinton stated that Barack couldn’t possibly do what he was promising during the primary. It was not possible! It was too good to be true and we all know where that line leads.

Plus, they did some very stupid things such as passing major bills without reading them. As Nancy Pelosi said, “Now that we passed the Health Care Bill we will find out what’s in it.” Do the Democrats actually teach their kids to sign contracts and then read them? Many congressmen voted for these bills knowing that these were bad bills and it would cost them their jobs. Many retired rather than face sure defeat in November.

The Democrats actually opposed the will of the people! The will of the people will be counted Nov. 2. If it is like past history, there will be a big change coming to Washington.

As far as Van Buren is concerned, I’m sure he would have been very proud of the loyalty of the Democratic party.

Historical references come from “A Patriot’s History of the United States” by Schweikart and Allen.

John Eaton


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