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Ditching plastic bags

Dear Editor:

Many of you might have read the articles in Sunday’s newspaper discussing the importance of bringing your own shopping bags to the store in lieu of using their supplied paper or plastic bags.

The Rotary Club of Carbondale launched its latest green community project (BYOB ” Bring Your Own Bag) last week, and we are asking for help from all our friends in the Roaring Fork Valley. We are selling beautiful shopping bags made from recycled plastic and imprinted with the Rotary logo with the goal of replacing plastic and paper bags.

By purchasing shopping bags from the Carbondale Rotary you will be participating in one of the easiest and worthy projects you will have the pleasure of being involved in. All profits go to the Carbondale Rotary Club and will be used to support the dozens of local grants we award each year for such causes as college scholarships, dictionaries for each sixth grader, Computers for Kids Foundation and Habitat for Humanity, to name just a few.

To participate requires only a few important steps:

1) BUY AT LEAST ONE BAG, although it is preferable to have at least a couple so you have bags in each of your family’s cars wherever you go.

2) USE THE BAGS. By using the bag you do several good things:

a) You reduce your use of plastic or paper bags, which reduces the amount of trees, petroleum and natural resources needed to make and ship the bags.

b) You keep bags out of landfills.

c) You keep bags from littering the highways and streams.

d) You show the world you care.

e) You show the world how easy it is to reduce waste by bringing your own bag.

f) You donate to the Rotary Club and support its local causes.

If you would like to purchase a bag and help us reach the goal of selling 1,000 bags, please send me an e-mail at byobagtripp@comcast.net. We will deliver the bags to you. The cost is one for $10 or three for $25. Further discounts are available for larger orders. One bag used twice a week for two years, will replace 416 bags per person.

Facts about Paper Bags vs. Plastic Bags: For a long time, paper bags have been considered a more environmental alternative. However, consider their whole life cycle and you’ll find a different story. BIRTH: Compared to plastic, making a paper bag emits 70 percent more global warming gasses, creates 50 times more water pollution, uses four times more raw materials and consumes 3.5 times more energy. DEATH: They do not biodegrade because of a lack of oxygen in the landfill and cost more to landfill because they take up much more space by weight and volume than plastic bags.

The petroleum in 14 plastic bags could drive a car a mile.

One company has sold over 600,000 bags and estimates over the next two years that the sales will save 294.6 million plastic bags, enough petroleum to drive a car 17,828, 572 miles and up to $42,432,000 in disposal cost.

Thank you for your help in our green endeavor.

Tripp Adams

Carbondale Rotary Club

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