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Ditch solution with a payoff

Dear Editor:

Thank you for sending me your financial report.

I am concerned about the low flows that occur in the Roaring Fork River as it runs below the Salvation Ditch headgate.

My thoughts are as follows:

Explore the depth, amount of and quality of the available water from the flooded mines in east Aspen.

Will this amount of water mitigate the adverse impacts of low or no river flows if it is pumped out of the mines and added to the river ?

County demolition man Jay Parker is the one to look into this. All he needs is a wet suit, fins, snorkel and high-deductible insurance coverage.

While he’s at it, he can assay the silver ore that may be mined if the old tunnels, shafts and stopes are drained. It might be possible to recapture the investment in pumping by selling this ore. Shipping is no problem, as bags of ore can fill the empty RFTA bus runs to the railhead in Glenwood. There might be enough money in mining to add to your scarce resources and restore balance to your budget’s assets account.

An added benefit from all this might be to keep Mr. Parker deep in the mines on July 4 and prevent him from firing (at an ungodly, early morning hour) that huge, illegal cannon he has hidden in the upper Smuggler Mine.

Be brave, comrades.

KNCB Moore

Santa Barbara, Calif.