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Distorting the facts

Dear Editor:

It’s hard for me to believe but I actually agree with Sue Gray on something … the op-ed piece by David Kudish was somewhat over the top, and perhaps his language was a little intemperate.

However, it is understandable, given Gray’s endless and obsessive rants attacking Israel, and only Israel, as if there were no other problems in the world. And her twisting of facts, half-truths and outright lies are truly astonishing.

For example, of course Arabs are human beings and have most of the same aspirations, hopes and fears as the rest of us, except that they hate Israel, and Jews, because Israel has defeated the Arabs in all of the many wars forced upon her and this is a historic humiliation the Arabs can’t accept. Deep in their hearts, most Arabs want Israel to disappear.

Gray constantly rails against the blockade of Gaza. Have you ever heard her tell you that Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was welcomed by thousands of rockets fired at civilian targets, and by the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit? By leaving Gaza, Israel tried one of the “risks for peace” that are forever being urged upon her, and look what happened.

Gray is a big fan of every far left or pro Arab source or website, as long as they bash Israel. Facts never seem to bother her, and, she’s forever quoting the U.N., which most fair-minded observers consider to be a corrupt, bloated bureaucracy. The one time Israel got a break from the U.N. was in 1948 when they voted to partition what was then Palestine into separate countries for Arabs and Jews.

The Jews accepted and the Arabs declared war and attacked, and lost. They lost again in 1956, 1967, 1973, and on. This must be the “relentless assault on the Palestinian population for over 60 years” she talks about.

I don’t know or care how much Gray pays in taxes, but she makes it sound as if her money is propping up the Israeli economy. Yes, Israel is an important friend and ally of America and receives military assistance, as do many others.

Personally, I believe in a two-state solution, with border swaps, such as the 97 percent of land offered by Barak and turned down by Arafat. And yes, I’ve been to Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel, many times. Gray has no monopoly on having been there. She does seem to have a monopoly on distorting reality.

Jerry Epstein


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