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Distorting Churchill’s message

Dear Editor:The media has distorted the message of Professor Ward Churchill on the Sept. 11 tragedy. Churchill’s response to these distortions is “we cannot allow the U.S. government, acting in our name, to engage in massive violations of international law and fundamental human rights and not expect to reap the consequences.” The campaign to remove him from his teaching position stifles our freedom of speech and debate. In his recent book, he details the chronology of U.S. military interventions since 1776 and U.S. violations of International law since World War II. Having just spent 23 months and billions of dollars bombing ancient cities in Iraq into rubble and killing and maiming thousands of children and civilians, it is time for us to look at the United States’ foreign policy. After all, “terrorists” are not looking to attack Switzerland.Cathleen KraheCarbondale

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