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Dissecting Toni’s record

Dear Editor:Toni Kronberg attacks the P&Z voting record of Steve Skadron (“Residency requirements and the runoff election,” May 30), but fails to note a lot of important things, like whether or not the applications in question were in compliance with the code and planning policies. The review of applications is not simply a question of whether you like it or not, but rather how they are judged against municipal criteria.So, let’s look at Toni’s own record. She led the fight against the improvements to the recycling center, across from Obermeyer Place. Driving by that area today, one is left to wonder why it is better than the well-designed, efficient, clean building that was intended to replace it. Instead, we get to look at overflowing Dumpsters, trash on the ground, graffiti on the signs and chain-link fence. I guess that is Toni’s idea of “better.” Or, perhaps she was more concerned about the proposed building’s impact on her friend Denise Reich’s view plane?The same applies to Toni’s virulent opposition to the building proposed on Main Street where the developer had offered free space for municipal use. Toni loudly led the opposition to this project, as well, calling the open area “a park” (which it is not and was not). Result: The building is going up anyway, as it is allowed under the zoning, but the city gets no space in it since Toni raised a smokescreen of opposition on false issues.Steve Skadron looks at things in accord with the codes and public policy. Toni seems to look at things as she prefers to see them (or as her friends see them).Steve Skadron is far and away the better person for council.James DeFranciaAspen

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