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Dispelling myths about John Denver’s gas tanks

Dear Editor:

For all those people who amazingly still hold anger and dislike toward John Denver regarding his supposed hoarding of fuel in tanks claimed to be installed at his home in the 1970s, a few facts are in order. Smiles.

John had a fuel tank placed on the Windstar property, far from his home.

He did this to “conserve” fuel for the employees and volunteers commuting to the Windstar office and Aspen Deaf Camp. His thinking was that some people would not have to drive as far for a gas station.

He then had the tank removed because of those people that refused to believe why it was done – like those who still do today. So, the fact is, a bunch of people upset over a bunch of hot air and untruths actually helped to waste gas!!

Why do some humans prefer to see bad in good?

Brenda Bell