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Dispelling global warming myths

Dear Editor:

Regarding “Some commissioners cool on wording of climate resolution,” Aspen Times, Oct. 27: There appears to be study by some members of the Pitkin County Board regarding the validity of man-made global warming. This is a good sign, because if the government makes written policy and takes actions based on a faulty premise, then poor results will be the outcome. Garbage in, garbage out.

I would encourage the commissioners and the public to go to Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom’s website naturalclimatechange.us, where he states on his home page, “Many top, international scientists have now come to the conclusion that the hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming is disproven by the scientific evidence. I’ve just completed an 80-page open letter to policy makers entitled: ‘Disproofs of the Hypothesis of Unprecedented, Catastrophic AGW: And Proofs that AGW is a Fraud.'”

You can read that paper at his website. In addition, in the left column of the homepage is a wealth of valuable and for most, new information. One of the articles that stands out for me, perhaps because it was the first of his work on this subject that I was exposed to, is “Global Green Dictatorship.”

Happy reading and happy governing.

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs