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I have refrained from writing to the paper in regards to the two women and their allies who are trying so hard at dismantling a superior school system, but enough is enough. STOP!

We are blessed with excellent and inspired leadership; why else would 20 percent of our school population send their kids here from out of district? Our tests scores are in the top 3 percent of the state.

Our students are experiencing a well-rounded and appropriate education with graduates going to schools like Harvard and Stanford. The school district is producing National Merit Scholars. Those examples do not occur by accident, but by insightful leadership.

To the people who are jeopardizing our children’s education: STOP IT, GO BACK TO THE GYM. To those who are sharing private and confidential information: STOP IT, SHAME ON YOU.

And to all of us who have been silent too long, STOP IT. Show your support, stand up for the leadership that has delivered an outstanding educational experience for our children.

Disgusted with a few…

Barbara French


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