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Disgusted in the sanctuary

I was in Aspen on Monday, July 7. My friend and I were in the John Denver Sanctuary when three dogs came flying down the hill from the tent area, UNLEASHED, headed for the water.

They played a little while, as dogs do, then the lady called them out. On the way back up, but before leaving the sanctuary, one of the dogs pooped. She DID NOT pick it up, just kept going.

When I commented, she stopped to put the leashes on. I made a picture of her putting leashes on the dogs and noticed a sign which stated there was a $75 fine for unleashed dogs and to pick up after your dogs.

I commented on this. Again, one of the dogs stopped to poop (outside the sanctuary this time) and again I made a picture of all of it. She saw and this time she picked up the poop. She had bags with her all along; just too lazy to pick it up.

I know there was a controversy over making the sanctuary an unleashed dog run a year or so ago, and worldwide attention focused on it to the horror of those who loved John Denver and those who spent lots of time, hard work and money to make a beautiful place in Aspen where people could go to relax and enjoy.

It’s pretty disgusting when you see dog poop all over the ground, more besides this dog’s, and reflect on what it took to have this sanctuary built. Perhaps an article would once again be appropriate.

Lynn Rivarde

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