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Disconcerting facts

Dear Editor:Here are a few figures showing the financial priorities of the wonderful United States government. Hope these make everyone feel great about the efficiency of our tax dollars.Every second THEY spend $3,000 in Iraq, and Iraq alone! At this point in time THEY have now spent $346 billion. Hope everyone feels more safe! In comparison, the 2007 budget allots $145 million to solar research and development. Another positive financial comparison is that the U.S. spends an astonishing $6.4 billion on the education of your children. That is less than 2 percent of what has been spent so far in Iraq or about three weeks of funding the war.I don’t need to state my opinion on these facts, I think the figures speak for themselves. I hope this short letter opens everyone’s eyes to what is going on in our country. Is it worth it? Are we safer? If you want to see the facts for yourself, check out lighthousesolar.com.Chase PutnamGlenwood Springs

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