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Disaster averted

Dear Editor:

My son Tanner and I would like to thank Chief Scott Thompson and other responders of the Basalt and Rural Fire Department stations No. 41 and 42 who helped fight a fire at our home in Thomasville on Wednesday night, Feb. 27. It was a long, cold ride for some of those involved, and we very much appreciate your dedication in what you do as firefighters.

Also, a very special thanks to Capt. Ken Jammaron and the rest of my comrades at Station 43 in Thomasville! Had it not been for their quick response and conservative use of limited water supply, we most likely would have lost our entire home. They were able to hold the fire to the areas already on fire at first arrival, until crews from Basalt could arrive with added resources. It truly was a matter of minutes before our house would have been totally engulfed in flames.

Also, thanks to friends, family and community members who have offered support in this time of need. As we have learned, something like this can happen to anyone at anytime. So when you get a chance to support emergency services in your community, please do so. It is very reassuring to know someone will come running when the need arises.

Thanks again to all who helped us.

Duane Vasten



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