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Disappointed with Red Cross

(This letter was originally addressed to the Red Cross.)Dear Editor:You should be ashamed of yourselves, calling yourself a first-line rescue organization, only to see the head of the organization on television saying you never had any intention of going to New Orleans because of “security issues!” Didn’t seem to be a problem for the news crews, who even spend the night where the Red Cross dare not go, or for the common citizens, who would drive themselves alone in private vehicles filled with food and water for those poor people. If you had been down there giving food and water and medicine after the hurricane, it probably wouldn’t have turned into a “security issue,” because they wouldn’t have been forced to turn into animals to survive. Everyone was depending on you to be where the victims were, not in Texas, helping those fortunate enough to get out.Not only will you never ever get any of my money, but no money from anyone I’ve spoken with who are equally aghast at your decision not to help where and when you were needed. I will support whoever had the guts to go in there and help at ground zero.Rebecca DriscollAspen

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