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Disappointed with image of Aspen

Dear Editor:I was just passing through, almost done with my yearly trip to Snowmass. My 6-year-old daughter had been ripping up Snowmass top to bottom for the previous 10 days. We came into Aspen on a Friday night for a great dinner. As we walked out, the kids were drawn to the Big Air competition at the gondola area. It was fun to watch the guys launching off into space. It sucked to see my daughter look up at the spectacle on the scaffold, watching the, presumably, Budweiser girls prancing around mindlessly.I would have thought the Skico and the community better than that. It is not as though the crowd was all 19-year-old drunk boys on spring break; these were the same families we had been sharing the slopes with for 10 days. I am hoping my daughter remembers watching the women’s hockey team practice or great women skiers she has seen, when she thinks of Aspen. She certainly wasn’t given a good image to sleep on that night. Aspen needs to do better than that for my daughter if they want her to come back. If we do come back next year, I’ll bring my Speedo, climb the scaffold and give my son something equally compelling to which he can aspire.Anthony BrownMinneapolis, Minn.

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