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Disappointed in trustees

(This letter was originally addressed to the Carbondale town trustees.)Dear Editor:As a citizen of Carbondale – who has always stated this was one of the best darn towns in the country, because democracy worked here and people listened to each other – I am appalled to find out that some of our town trustees are not following the process, choosing to follow the agendas of a few instead.When I moved here, this town was deeply divided by a big box issue. That issue went to vote and was defeated. The people voted, in this democracy, against a big box development.Then a process was developed to help define what the people in this town wanted. That process was called The Economic Roadmap and many people have put in many hours working on this project. I thought this was a fantastic process and the outcome stated that the people of this community do not want a big box development here.Why, after all this time, with a clear mandate from the Economic Roadmap group and a vote under our belts, is this issue still being debated? Why is our mayor, voted in by this community, not backing the process that he helped put in place. Why does a vote by the community not count?This town is an amazing place with smart, involved people. Glenwood Springs offers many amenities that we are lucky to have just a short drive away. There are many issues concerning Highway 133, and complicating them with a big box development will not help. Furthermore, there is no need for one here. I believe in the process put in place by my community and the government of Carbondale. If the outcome had been for a big box, I wouldn’t have been happy, but I would’ve respected it. I expect that same respect for the process by my elected officials!Amy KimberlyCarbondale