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DiSalvo’s position on drugs is ignorant

Dear Editor:

I strongly disagree with sheriff candidate Joe DiSalvo’s comment that “adults should be able to do what they want (smoke a joint or do a line of cocaine) in their homes and do it safely.” As one who spent the first four years of my time here in Aspen in the mid-80s riding in the fast lane, I can say that cocaine (specifically) is a dangerous addictive drug. I did not do most of my partying at home, especially since the dealers I knew did not deliver to my front door. I did not do just one bump and save the rest for a rainy day. I did the whole bindle throughout the night and early morning, washed it down with my BFF Uncle Jack, and heightened the experience chain smoking cigarettes.

For candidate DiSalvo to imply that he is protecting Pitkin County citizens’ personal freedom is ignorant to say the least. Anyone who has been involved with this drug (or any drug, prescribed or not) knows that once you are hooked, you give up your personal freedom to the drug. It will steal your money and your life. I cannot condone or encourage our youth, the teacher who instructs our children, the surgeon who might replace my knee or the mechanic who might fix my car to use drugs.

I have been to too many memorial services here for friends or family members of friends whose life has been cut short from substance abuse. Our country is going through difficult times. We need to be clear headed in our decisions and set good examples for our kids. I encourage voters to not just consider who they are voting for in this sheriff’s election, but what they are voting for. I am voting for Rick Leonard. His plan regarding drugs is not the hard core, door busting policies that some seem to think. Education for our kids and community involvement is a part of his plan. Please vote in this coming election and please vote for Rick. “Be the change you want to see.” – Ghandi

Kim Vieira

Aspen Village

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