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DiSalvo is ready to lead

Dear Editor:

I recently observed Undersheriff Joe DiSalvo and his officers respond to a call in a situation that was potentially very dangerous.

I was thoroughly impressed by the presence of mind and command of the situation he demonstrated from the beginning. As events unfolded and became more intense, Undersheriff DiSalvo was unruffled and demonstrated well-honed leadership skills in weighing his decisions and then acting very effectively. It was the experience, leadership and humanity of DiSalvo, along with the other Aspen sheriff’s deputies, specifically Jim Hearn and Mike Buglioni, that the situation was resolved with the best possible results in these circumstances. We are fortunate to have a police force with a culture of enforcement with intelligence and restraint. There are all too many cities and towns that are not as lucky.

As a resident of Aspen since 1995, I know it is a special town with special needs, especially in the area of law enforcement. Protocols must be observed but there are many areas of gray, especially in a resort town. I strongly believe Undersheriff DiSalvo has the experience and intelligence to continue making the calls that help Aspen remain a town that is both very safe and allows residents and visitors alike to enjoy their time here.

Kudos to a well-run sheriff’s department. This writer hopes Joe DiSalvo will be elected sheriff and be around for many more years!

David Dreman


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